Fiddling with After Effects Plugin: Trapcode Lux

I was just fiddiling with After Effects and wanted to get to know how to use the Trapcode, Lux effect. I wasn’t sure what to do with it at firat, but looking at some tutorials online on Youtube, gave me some ideas. I pretty much made a solid layer, added a camera layer and made it 3D then made the layer flat so it looked like a floor which made part of the background black, I then I added a light layer which I then made my own colour, made the light Ambient or something along thoses lines and then fiddled with the settings to get this. Obviously it took a lot more than I’ve just explained to make this, but to make it short and simple, this is the basics of how it was made. I’m not to sure how I would introduce it into my work, although it would be a very good idea to adding my own lights like this.

I saw a video of the plugin demo reel, demonstrating what the plug in’s are capable of producing, if you look at the video and see Lux, and the two orbs I was very interested in using something like that in my final work piece, but from this try out of the effect here, I managed to only get a spotlight and I have no idea how I would create it.

Here’s the video I referenced from:

I think that this video was made from the same effect the demo reel from RedGiant above showed when showing Trapcode Lux:

I reckon some 3D work was put into this, but I find that the video very interesting and would very much like to use something like this in my own works, there was a guy underneath the video commenting on how he thinks the guy made it and the person replied saying ‘spot on’ if I can try and understand the way in which the guy explains how to create it I will try to attempt it, but I’m not entirely sure I will succeed, fingers crossed though, because I think this will fit in very nicely with the idea of my final.


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